Surveillance services provide clients with the people and technological equipment needed to ensure safety. The services can be customised and range from the most traditional static guarding duties to the latest dynamic solutions.
The type of solution and service offered are extremely flexible: permanent or ad hoc services, assistance round-the-clock or for any length of time chosen by the client, static surveillance and armoured vehicles escort.

Security officers surveillance
This can also be carried out on cars and motor cycles: our Security Officers are constantly in contact with the Central Station to activate emergency intervention procedures as soon as required. Surveillance can be used as an anti-burglary solution or for unauthorised access control both inside and outside a building. It can be “static”, ie in one single area, or “dynamic”, ie extended to more than one area at risk.

Patrolling rounds and perimeter surveillance
Inspection rounds either inside or outside a building or an enclosed area. These can be carried out once or more during a set period of time and are marked by ticketing or time-stamping. The service includes keys safe custody, when applicable.

Special surveillance services
Ad hoc special services include:

– summer services or collective and single special services which may be required during holiday periods
– surveillance during special events with high public attendance
– documents transportation on light vehicles.