UFED Touch Ultimate is an innovative,l high performating mobile forensic solution.

With its intuitive GUI and easy-to-use touch screen, the UFED Touch Ultimate enables the physical, file system, and logical extraction of all data, passwords, included deleted data, from the widest range of mobile phones.

UFED Touch Ultimate includes:

  • UFED Physical Analyzer: Powerful application for decoding, analysis and reporting..
  • UFED Phone Detective: Instant mobile identification application.
  • UFED Reader: Free application for sharing analysis reports with any authorized personnel. No license or installation required.

UFED Touch Ultimate is a mission-ready solution for investigations in the eld or lab and available in both standard and ruggedized versions.


The all-inclusive standard and ruggedized mobile forensic kit contains a full range of peripherals and accesories for successful investigations in the eld or lab. Complete with lightweight data cables, phone connector tips, an embedded work shelf in the ruggedized case, integrated long-life battery and external hard drive make mobile investigations quicker, easier and more efficient.