The installation of the shoplifting prevention system, in a commercial activity, is a necessity to avoid the loss of goods and items. Inventary losses and especially shoplifting severily affect retailer, concerning at least 2% of the turnover’s costs.

In order to face threats, Segurprof net provides a shoplifting prevention system designed to reduce inventary losses and shoplifting in retail stores.

The shoplifting prevention system aims to monitor items and goods in a shop, attaching electronic tags in shoes and clothes, and labels in food, cosmetics, books and mobile phone’s accessories. Each label is detected according to a transmission frequency. The shoplifting prevention system works as a receiver, while the tags as  transmitters.

Shoplifting prevention system based on acousto magnetic technology 


The shoplifting prevention system based on acousto magnetic technology offers wide flexibility of use, thanks to its modular composition. The type of label or hard tag can be used to protect the merchandise in boutiques, electronic stores and supermarkets.


Shoplifting prevention system based on radiofrequency technology 


Shoplifting prevention systems based on radiofrequency technology allows to monitor wide doorways and improve tag detection through digital processing. The state of the art technology allows remote control commands and IP connection.