Turnkey Security installations

For those who work in the field of safety systems it is fundamental to have constantly, as points of reference, the exact knowledge of the risks, their location, the quality of the used technologies and the standards required for the installations by the book. All these conditions connote any engineering safety project, its management and generally what we call “keys in hand”.

The following are the main types of plants, which can also be supplied in hire and with warranty maintenance for the duration of the contract:

  • Anti-intrusion alarm systems
  • Fire alarm
  • Systems for the detection of technological alarms: air conditioning, refrigerators, water leaks, gas leaks, etc
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Automatic access control systems
  • Satellite GPS location systems

Rental system

New winning formula for the use of products and safety systems (safes, alarm systems, video surveillance, anti-theft, etc, etc…)

The rapid evolution of technologies makes obsolete the equipment in shorter times than those required by the amortization schedule of the initial investment

The fast technological obsolescence and a strong depreciation of the electronic equipment is more rapid than their fiscal amortization. It follows a slowdown of the renewal process technology that worsens the efficiency and the competitive ability of the user.

The advantages:

  • Single all-inclusive fee  (included system and technical support).
  • Elimination of the risk of obsolescence and the depreciation of the machineries and products.
  • Possibility to renew the plants adapted to the latest technologies.
  • Does not affect the company liquidity.
  • Simplify management and decision-making operation.