We offer anti-access, anti-burglary, smoke and gas detection services as well as industrial parametres management and access and temperature controls solutions.

24 hours connection
Alarm systems can be connected to the Central Stations via:
– dedicated radio frequencies
– satellite networks
– internet
– telephone line
Control procedures are activated as soon as the alarm signal is received or as a result of video inspection.

24 hours emergency intervention
Upon verification of the alarm received, the Central Station operators will implement the security procedure previously agreed with the client. They may notify the client, dispatch an area patrolling team, notify the police, the fire brigade, an ambulance etc.

Keys management
Keys safe custody on our vehicles to allow inspection of the client’s premises upon reception of an alarm signal.

Systems and installations monitoring
The Central Stations, via two-way radio links, can remotely switch on and off the systems installed and check whether they have been activated and are working correctly.